Aussie Hoops is an entry level basketball program for children and as a participant, coach, coordinator or parent it helps to understand where Aussie Hoops fits in the overarching basketball development pathway. The pathway model identifies three primary stages:

1. Foundation

Developing children’s fundamental movement and basketball skills and confidence. Confidence and competence in sport and physical activity stimulates ongoing active lifestyles and develops a love of the game. This is where Aussie Hoops fits into the basketball pathway.

2. Participation

Retaining participants in basketball through teenage years into lifelong participation. The secondary school years and those immediately following see a drop-off in sports participation. Continued skill development and enjoyable basketball experiences will lead to far greater retention rates.

3. Performance

Inclusive, well-targeted talent identification processes will give all athletes with the potential for elite success, access to a high performance program. These programs provide a holistic development pathway through appropriate coaching, competition structures and support networks. The ultimate goal is international sporting success.



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