Aussie Hoops

Aussie Hoops Rookie has been developed for 5 and 10-year-olds as an introductory program that ensures all participants develop the fundamental skills to participate in and draw satisfaction from Basketball.

Sporting Schools

Local Centres have the exclusive opportunity to manage relationships with schools and receive grants to deliver Aussie Hoops through the $160 million Sporting Schools program.

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Active Deaf Kids Program

With the support of Deaf Sports Australia, Basketball Australia can also facilitate an Active Deaf Kids program through our Aussie Hoops package for Sporting Schools.

Come and Try Day

Local Centres may deliver a Come and Try Day prior to commencing a program with dedicated information opportunities for interested parents.


Local Centres may deliver a portion of their All-Star program under the theming of 3X3 (“Three-on-Three”), the new global form of basketball being introduced into the Olympics in 2020.


Delivery of a Aussie Hoops school holiday camp is only permitted to those Local Centres who can demonstrate to their State/Territory Development Officer that they have a strong understanding of the unique nature of camps for 5-8 year olds including any applicable child care legislation and risk management guidelines.


Major Sponsor

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